Translational Pharmacology Core

"Integrating Translational and Clinical Pharmacology Research within the Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences"

Translational Pharmacology Group Director:

Gene D. Morse, Pharm.D., FCCP, BCPS
Professor, Pharmacy Practice, Medicine and Pediatrics 
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
University at Buffalo


The New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences (COE) has established a Translational Pharmacology Core (TPC) within the developing research infrastructure. The goals of the TPC core will be:

  • To foster innovative translational pharmacology research in the areas of drug development, applied translational pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and pharmacogenomics and proteomics with an emphasis in oncology, neurology, infectious diseases and inflammation and cardiovascular disease.
  • To facilitate collaboration among COE investigators with common areas of research interest and foster an interdisciplinary, interactive environment that stimulates grant submission and commercialization of drugs, drug delivery systems and diagnostics.
  • To establish an integrated program that utilizes novel strategies for transitioning from pre-clinical drug development to a clinical research environment to optimize the approval process and provide a forum for exchange for research ideas through an interdisciplinary seminar program with presentations by national and international visiting scholars.

Center of Excellence

Description of  the Translational Pharmacology Core (TPC)

1.      The TPC provides a novel research program that will interface with multiple stages of drug development including drug discovery, pre-clinical evaluation, Phase I, II and III of the required FDA approval process as well as a developing network for conducting Phase IV (post-approval) research.

2.      The TPC will foster the interaction of basic and clinical scientists who are focused on drug development and translational pharmacology.

3.      The TPC will utilize in vitro experimental therapeutics models that will facilitate integrated pre-clinical approaches to pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and pharmacogenetic investigations accompanied by in silico modeling techniques.

4.      The TPC will facilitate novel approaches to examine clinical challenges within a interdisciplinary laboratory environment.

5.      The COE TPC facilities will provide an efficient system with a quality assurance program to sustain standard operating procedures that are recognized as industry standards and an essential component for the pharmaceutical industry to recognize the COE as a primary site for drug development research.

6.      Data management and data analysis units within the COE will be linked with clinical facilities through the UB Clinical and Translational Research Center, the Center for Computational Research (CCR) and National Center for Ontological Research.

The development of the TPC within the COE research infrastructure will accelerate the ability of the COE to develop pre-clinical, translational and clinical research programs for new therapeutics and devices. In addition corporate partners will be seeking to join the COE collaboration and this will foster the goal of commercialization and regional economic development.


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